Not The Typical Social Network

We do things differently here

The Connections Plus Difference

Having a subscription based revenue model frees us from relying upon
the frustrating and arguably unhealthy methods of creating cash flow that a typical Social Network must emplore.

No Ads

Being Ad free allows us to focus on creating and maintaing an excellent experience for the user, not one for another company. It forces us to optimize for customer satisfaction as opposed to optimizing for engagement.

No Data-Mining

Your data belongs to you. It is never analyzed, profiled, shared or sold and it can be deleted at anytime. Your privacy is our #1 concern.

No Recomendations

As we are not optimizing for engagement, we do not need to recomend content for you to consume. We have provided the tools for you find content you enjoy and thus you will never see anything this is not solicited.

No Notifications

Again, since we are focused on making a great product, we want it to be a product you can enjoy on your own time. We do send notifications to drag you back into the app.

No "Like" button

As there is no algorithm that decides what content you see, we have no need for feedback loops or signals, and thus no need for a "Like" button. We also personally believe that the "Like" button is somewhat of an unhealthy feature. When "number of Likes" becomes one's personal view of their self worth, one loses focus on the actually things that make us great.